🌸Virtual Ohanami Social Event 🌸

🌸This event has concluded, thank you for joining us!🌸 Join us for a virtual "Ohanami," or cherry blossom viewing party! We will virtually celebrate the traditional custom of viewing cherry blossoms, so be sure to bring your favorite snacks and beverages! Here's what we have planned: We will first introduce Ohanami and the cultural importance of cherry blossoms in Japan. For our main event, we will have a second appearance of Rakugo performer Mr. Ken Saito to tell a story. After the performance, we welcome attendees to engage with Mr. Saito through conversation and interacting with one another! We will have a breakout session after the performance for guests to learn more about Rakugo, Cool Japan, and Japan tourism. There will be an additional breakout room for those interested in…
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