Events and Programs

The Nippon club of the Triangle holds events year long to promote Japanese culture and traditions. Our annual events include the list below, click on the event to learn more.

The International Festival of Raleigh is held during the spring time, spanning over an entire weekend (Friday-Sunday). The Nippon Club participates every year by having a cultural booth and a Cafe.

The Nippon club holds the Children’s Day & Annual Meeting generally around end of April and beginning of May. You must be a Nippon club member to participate in the Annual Meeting event.

North Carolina Japan Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) is the largest event held annually by the Nippon club thanks to our dedicated volunteers, occurring during Late July, or early August. As of 2017, the event has been held indoor at the State Fair Grounds.

Year End Mochitsuki is the last event held by the Nippon club at the end of the year. Happening before Christmas, the year end Mochitsuki event invites everyone to watch and participate in the Mochitsuki creation process and enjoyment.