Children’s Day 2022 (子供の日)

After three years’ rest, huge Carps are back! On Sunday, May 15th, Triangle Japan club held the Children’s Day Celebration at Raleigh’s NC Japan Center. 子供の日 (“Kodomo no Hi”) is a national holiday in Japan to celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of children.

Did you enjoy Japanese anime songs, join workshops, and have a bowl of matcha in a tea room?

This year’s event was a huge success: 358 people attended. The weather was perfect and set up and take down went smoothly. All the activities were enjoyed by many participants, and children were happy!

Thanks to each of the 85 volunteers and performers for your hard work. This event would not have been possible without your support.

Four attendees hold three carp kites in front of a house.
Carps came back. (Koinobori (鯉のぼり) or “carp streamers,” are traditional carp-shaped windsocks.)
Hey, ANPAN-man & BAIKIN-man.
Usu (臼 – mortar) and Kine (杵 – pestle) are ready for Mochitsuki rice-hammering.
A mochi making demonstration: one person with a hammer pounds a barrel containing rice in order to make mochi.
Mochitsuki (餅つき) is a spectacle everyone can enjoy. (The pounding of rice to make mochi, a sweet or savory dessert.)
Ready for a tea ceremony workshop.
Nice posture!