Vol. 16
March 2006

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Main Activity Plan for 2006

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Nippon Club of the Triangle 2005 Activity Summary

Toshikazu Mizobuchi
Secretary, Nippon Club of the Triangle

Thank you for supporting Nippon Club of the Triangle.

I am glad to report that the Club added another successful year to its long history.

Year 2005 started with New Yearfs Mochi Making Festival at North Carolina Japan Center, with about 100 attendees.

In early fall, the Club held its Annual Meeting / Picnic, which was attended by about 300 people. In late fall, the Club participated in the annual International Festival. The Clubfs number of activities in this Festival gets larger every year. In addition, the Taiko Club and the Tea Ceremony Club, both part of the Nippon Club, are thriving.

I am looking forward to another great year with many activities planned for 2006.

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