Triangle Chanoyu Club (traditional Japanese Tea club)

Let's forget about daily life, make a bowl of tea, and enjoy the way of tea. TCC started in fall of 2003. Our goal is to promote greater understanding of Japanese culture in the community through Chanoyu. Regardless of the experience or specific style, our members enjoy practicing Chanoyu and perform 'tea' demonstrations. We have introduced Japanese traditional tea culture at various events and schools upon request. If you are interested in Japanese tea presentation, please contact us at


3/6/2016 — 70th Annual Camellia Show (Fayetteville, NC)

3/27/2014 — UNC-CH World View Seminar on East Asia at the UNC Friday Center

Thank you so very much for being a wonderful part of last week's program. Your sessions received high praise, and we would love to involve you again in the future.
— Katharine H. Robinson, Assistant Director for Curriculum, World View | UNC at Chapel Hill

10/27/2012 — Presentation and Workshop at Wake Forest University

news: Student Storyteller: The Japanese tea ceremony and insight into modern life, by Cynthia Williams